A student society that promotes Human Resources

We know that there are many sport and social societies across the university, so why there is an HR society? This is because a group of students identified the need to create a society where they can work collaboratively to discuss contemporary issues in the workplace and enable students to participate in a number of events specifically designed to support future careers.

The HR Society is five years old. Throughout this time, students have organised more than 40 professional events, attend various workshops and conferences, arranged social events and contributed to university life through charity activities.

We approached the society and asked a few questions about their plans to celebrate their fifth anniversary and how they intend to support their members this academic year.

”As a society, we aim to bring together students’ that have an interest in HR – either through the degree they are currently studying or simply as an area of interest/potential future career. We have a combination of students across all years at NTU, and so believe we would be able to utilise this to share various experiences. The purpose of the society is to provide opportunities to further HR knowledge and experience new things – whether this is through CIPD events or through social events to meet new people.”

”We are planning on organising events with the CIPD, (the professional body for HR), guest speaker events and social events as well as raising awareness of publicly available online conferences hosted by the CIPD and other organisations. In particular, we are hoping for our members to be able to benefit from their CIPD membership by having the privilege of attending the Annual CIPD Student Conference, held in April.”

Ed was also able to tell us how the society plans to celebrate its fifth year:

”One thing we are planning on being part of is the NTSU Society Accreditation Scheme. This is where we will take part in various activities to earn badges, including attending wellbeing and diversity training to provide a safe and inclusive environment for our members, as well as organising academic events. We are also considering partnering with charities and other societies. We are aiming for at least a Bronze award, and the accreditation scheme runs from January to December, so this will allow next year’s committee to take this further to achieve Silver and Gold.”

”One of the most important aspects of your degree programme is to ensure that you have within the curriculum aspects of experiential learning. Whilst the HR Society is extra-curricular it is a means by which we can help meet this outcome. The HR Society is a student-led society for students, however, the HRM department faculty members – many of whom teach in the programmes, can help identify speakers from alumni, organisations both small and large and professional bodies from their own networks. Some people may have come across the heading ‘Life-Long Learning’, but we in the department like to view this term slightly differently and refer to it as ‘Life Wide Learning’. We believe that students should immersing themselves in and with different experiences add value to their CV and the way they view the world, themselves and their values, and their future world of work and careers. Department members are committed to helping students achieve this not just through their studies, but through this student led society.”

This demonstrates the strong desire to support student-led activities, especially for students who have not had much of a chance to socialise with their course due to Covid-19, being part of the HR Society is an excellent opportunity to get involved and meet new people, and most importantly to be part of a support student community.

If you’d like to get into contact at any point, please email the HR society at ntuhrsociety@gmail.com or follow them on Instagram @ntuhrsociety.