Student competitions and challenges

At Nottingham Business School, we have exciting business challenges that allow you connect with local businesses, apply your knowledge, and enhance your CV.

This aligns with the mission of NBS, to provide research and education that contributes to academic excellence with a positive impact on people, business and society. Importantly the challenges also ensure that students engage in experiential learning and get the chance to apply their learning to real organisational issues.

In 2021, the #NBSBright business challenge will provide an opportunity for organisations to gain insight and solutions to challenges brought about by the pandemic, for example the need for business diversification, process restructuring or issues such as managing remotely and staff wellbeing.

In the past we have also held the annual Thinkubator event. The Thinkubator Challenge, sees a mixture of postgraduates and final year undergraduate students split into ‘thinking hubs’ where they use their collective knowledge to solve one challenge each. Our business challenges prove to be a huge success for both students and businesses involved.