Carbon Literacy training

Nottingham Business School (NBS) is leading the UN PRME Champions’ project ‘Carbon Literacy Training for Business Schools’. This training was developed by NBS in collaboration with the UN PRME Champions, the international student organization ‘oikos International’ and the Carbon Literacy Project. It also includes an introduction to En-ROADS, developed by Climate Interactive in collaboration with MIT Sloan and Ventana Systems.

Co-Chair of the PRME working group on climate change, Professor Petra Molthan-hill

What is carbon literacy?

As every person learns to read and write, everyone needs to be able to read in the ‘carbon book of life’. This includes the ability to calculate the carbon emissions of every human activity from using an air-conditioning unit or drinking a cappuccino to buying clothes or using a hedge trimmer. Everyone needs to be carbon literate enough to choose climate solutions with the highest impact on improving the future for all. The Carbon Literacy Training provides this basic carbon literacy and enables participants to choose the best solutions regarding their own work, study and other important aspects of their life.

What is included in the training?

The Carbon Literacy Training (CLT) Programme equips everyone with the information to train others about carbon literacy. This professional development opportunity provides the skills needed to make high impact changes in private and work settings (for example research, teaching or consultancy work) to reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, the CLT helps participants identify multiple other benefits such as health issues and inequality.  A certificate is awarded upon full participation and completion of the training issued by The Carbon Literacy Project.

We offer regular training for staff and students at NBS and NTU. Find out more about training on our website.